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Powerful Professional Carpet Cleaning

Other companies cannot guarantee 100% on-the-spot results with heavily gound-in soil and spot removal.
Our services are 100% satisfaction guaranteed.
Our services are specially priced on-site for smoke and water damage (no phone quotes).

See prices for all our residential and commercial carpet cleaning services below!

Living Room Carpet Before and After


NO furniture moving and rearranging:
  • $125.00*

  • $25.00–$35.00*
    White carpet and shades related to white may be slightly higher

  • Free estimates are available in some cities.  The technician can look at your carpeting and quote you a price
Including furniture moving and rearranging:
  • $95.00–$150.00*
  • * Wool and Berber carpets are specially priced.
  • * Oversized rooms, second halls, closets, foyers, and stairways are slightly higher.
  • Rates are determined for average size rooms up to 12' x 15' and hallways up to 3' x 10'.
  • L-shaped rooms and combination living/dining areas are considered two rooms.
  • We pre-treat all areas, add color brightener and deodorizer.
  • High-rise buildings are excluded from this offer.
  • Minimum charge $125.00


Restaurants and Movie Theaters
  • $.35 per square foot includes tar, gum, and grease removal with commercial air movers to help speed up drying (no extra charge)
  • We pre-treat all areas, add color brightener and deodorizer.
  • Written estimate given on-site (no phone quotes).
  • Minimum charge $250

Carpet Knight does not service high-rise buildings.